Sultans Ceramic

As the Sultans Ceramic family, since 1762, we have been introducing the handicraft to our local and foreign art-lover guests that has been started for centuries thanks to our experience in the area of 4500 m² constructed by curving completely through hand workmanship within the rocks in Avanos in Cappadocia.

The foundation of family art had laid by our grandfather Celal when Yavuz Sultan Selim who was the Ottoman Emperor in 1514 brought Turks in Khorosan.

This art that has been inherited from generation to generation and transferred from father to son is at the 7th generation at the moment.

The masters in our family have become skilled without having any art training only by their own skills on time. Our masters have learned the art education at 11-12 ages through their fathers.

They serve as apprentice until 18, qualified workman until 25 and they gain master statue after 25 in the handicrafts.

Until today, thanks to our knowledge and experience, we have spared no effort to introduce handicrafts by our various activities in the country and abroad. In the county; we have introduced handicrafts by being sponsor for below mentioned television series and we have also contributed to motion picture screen that is another art.