Turkey is irresistible for the wide range of unique and beautiful crafts available and visiting the small shops of Cappadocia is a fun experience.

You will certainly find something to take back as a gift for friends and family or just a souvenir for yourself. If you buy from the smaller family-run shops you can be sure that are are supporting the local economy. And it is fun! Don’t ever feel pushed to buy, you can shop around, sit and drink tea, enjoy the contact with Turkish people and learn about traditional arts and crafts.

Traditional Turkish handicrafts include: rug-making, paper-marbling, cloth-weaving, tile-making, ceramics and pottery, embroidery, leather manufacture, musical instrument-making, copper work, basket-making, felt-making, weaving, woodwork, jewellery crafting, stone-carving etc.

Ceramic and pottery

Pottery has been produced in the Avanos area for centuries.

In this sleepy little town, you will find a number of family-run pottery workshops where you can see a demonstration of a potter's kick-wheel and even try your hand at making something yourself.

Onyx is a natural volcanic stone of the agate family, much of it is mined in Cappadocia.

It has a long history of use for hardstone carving and jewellery. Onyx comes in varying colours and quality (green is the best quality, followed by beige).


Anatolian rugs, carpets and kilims

Carpet weaving is one of the oldest professions in the world. In central Asia, people wove carpets and kilims in order to protect themselves from the cold climate.

The art of Turkish carpet weaving first started in central Asia.